"Paula is a facilitator with unparalleled smarts, savvy, humor, heart, and musical chops. Her bright focus, attuned intuition, and warm presence pairs beautifully with her years of experience in curation and teaching. Paula's events are nuanced journeys of exploration through body, mind, spirit, and voice, and the spaces that she creates are remarkable in their ability to provide safety and initiate healing and growth without feeling "solemn" or "serious." I so appreciate the depth of intentionality and integrity Paula brings to her work. Every moment of our time together was a revelation of presence and pleasure! Paula's your gal if you're ready to unlock a deeper sense of joy, awareness, and connection to body, brain, voice, and spirit."
Sophie Lippert
Concert Pianist & Entrepreneur

"I didn't know quite what to expect at the start of Wild Grace. What unfolded for me was life-changing: an opportunity to dance, to sing, to play, to rediscover what it means to be embodied in joyful communion with others. Paula is an amazing teacher, a generous artist, and a wise and deeply kind guide. I have so many lovely memories, and such affection for all of the participants in the workshop, and such gratitude to Paula for making it possible for us to be brave and creative in ways none of us could have imagined or tried, were it not for the container of this workshop. I left inspired, and wanting more -- more of this kind of playful intimacy, creativity and bravery that I experienced at Wild Grace. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it."
Suzanne LaGrande

Artist, Singer, Songwriter


"Attending Paula Byrne's Moving Body and Spirit training was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself, and the greatest leap in my own dance/soul development that I have undertaken. From the nurturing, environment in which it was taught, the incredible soul seekers who shared the journey with me, to being in Paula's powerful presence, I have not been the same since.
Paula is an incredibly powerful alchemist/ teacher. She has the rare ability to bring out the best in each of her students: challenging and beckoning us forward, cheering us as we face our blocks head-on, helping us to come out on the other side victorious.
Her integration of love, playful grace and beauty, and a sure belief in the best within each person seem to be just the right combination for powerful transformation. My training with Paula has brought me great insight and profound experiences that were crucial to my life. This training is healing, insightful and life changing. I will carry this experience and her wisdom in my heart forever!"
Susana Moore
Contemplative Programs Coordinator
Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa

"Paula is a brilliant and inspiring teacher; she has a gift for being able to break down complex concepts into simple, practical, concrete skills. She is dedicated to her students; recognizing and affirming their individual stengths. Her humor and passion are ever present in her teaching; assuring the learning experience is filled with life and joy. This class has far exceeded my expectations; I am looking forward to part 2!"
Maureen McCormick
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"When I registered for Paula's dance leadership workshop, I knew I was passionate about the power of dance to transform. But I was very ambivalent and unsure of myself -- about whether I have what it takes to be a dance teacher/facilitator. With Paula's wisdom and energy, she lead our group through a wonderful process of education, self-discovery and creative bonding. Her training method used dance to impart her knowledge and to empower us as students to discover what's true within. Each of us in the workshop had strengths to share and her teaching style lead us to believe in our potential. I felt very vulnerable facing my doubts and weaknesses, but with Paula's compassion and humor all of us in the group were able to explore our self-imposed barriers and trust that we each have a gift to offer."
Meg Eastman Thompson
Child Psychologist & Author

"Paula's sensitivity to the needs of the dancers in the moment, both individually and as a collective, was exquisite. I have never seen such an attuned awareness grounded in the present moment as what Paula exhibited. If you love to dance and find your connection to life through it, you cannot afford to miss this."
Draq Druella

"You have such a talent/skill/calling to take people deep and bring them back again safely. It's shamanic, and tantric. I think one of the reasons you facilitate such great FUN dances, is the foundation you have in guiding journeys. But I also think one of the reasons you guide journeys so well, is that you love the sparkle of fun as much as rich beauty of depth."
Eddy Deane
Graphics Designer, Dance Facilitator

"To facilitate conscious movement for others, you have to be a Warrior, a Lover, a Shaman, a Technician, all at once. Paula's training is a transmission that covers all of those bases and more."
Beth Lorio

"The MBS training with Paula Byrne was an experience I will carry with me for life. Each module plumbed the depth of my dancing soul and brought me to a deeper relationship with myself in the dance. I came in with questions about my desire to be a leader in dance. Throughout the process, we were opened by Paula into a new layer of clarity. Not only was the work emotionally and energetically challenging and clarifying, but provided us with clear concrete tools and ideas to use in our own work with students in our future classes.

The blend of practical and metaphysical is held perfectly in Paula's training which is how I see my relationship with dance: the delicious space where the physical body transcends the mind and leads it. It felt as if we were all able to bring our questions and play/work into the answers that arose. It feels to me an experience I will want to have more than once in this life.

Thank you Paula! It is a blessing to know you and share the dance."
Minga Lily, Yoga Instructor & Thai Massage Therapist


"Paula is a generous teacher who shares her benevolent spirit and creative process with her students. She stewards the dance space moment by moment to allow safe exploration, and invites her students to be fully themselves. I am delighted to have participated in her teacher training, not only did I gain new insight into teaching conscious movement, but I feel fully supported in taking my next step on the path to creating new ways to use movement as a therapeutic tool."
D.O., Professional Counselor, Dancer

"I simply can't put into words how thankful I am to you for creating the most amazing workshop that I have ever attended. It wasn't just a workshop - it was magic. You are a facilitator of magic. I have been in a heightened state since I arrived home and feel that I move through my life a different person than I was before."
Tina Zeeburg
Registered Nurse

"You are one empowering person, Paula Byrne. In the spaces that you create around you, authenticity shows up: first as an invitation, then a preference, and now a sweet necessity."
Mark Alter
Unitarian Universalist

"Paula is ebullient while reverent; spirited and spiritual; deep and playful; invites me to explore with curiosity, and explore again; welcoming and able to serve a diverse set of skills and experience; participatory in a way that makes me want to dance more!!; prepared and ready to change plans on moment's notice; attends to the beauty of the physical space; knowledgeable - has depth and a wide span; observant of people's movement and therefore what to offer and how to offer to sharpen awareness and open movement; folks, she rocks!"
Mart Perkins
Facilitator & Trainer

"[Paula is] full of experience on the dance floor and life, grounded, embodied, emotionally aware, open, playful, helping others to come alive and become more of themselves, helping us go to our edge with supportive, wise facilitation."
Mara Steen

"You created a super event filled with love, care, art, and fun. It's a wonderful contribution that you make to my life and to the lives of so many of us in the community."
Ken Carraro
Financial Planner

"Oh, yes! It was this venue thru which you advanced my olfactory, proprioceptive, tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, lingual (sweet, salty, tart), temperature, vibratory appreciation."
Dan Hayes
Tango Dancer

"Paula, what you do in the world, what you share from your heart can be such a catalyst for change. Thanks for the opportunities you create for us to explore and express ourselves through dance. The music you share with us waters our souls and helps us each mature our own expression of Love, so that it spreads like little seeds on the wind, and more Love will bloom in the world."
Kirstin Schumaker
Structural Integrator

"When I first met Paula I was in my junior year of high school, I needed a mentor for my senior project that I would have to start working on for the next year. She didnt know it until the end of class but I was there to ask her if she could be a candidate for a mentor. About a year later Paula accepted. She told me about a program that would be going on around the same time as my project. It was the "Moving Body & Spirit ~ a conscious dance leadership program". This was EXACTLY what I was looking for but let me tell you it was nothing of what I expected. Paula has the gift of making everyone feel welcome in the same room. Whether you may be an experienced dancer or just beginning on your journey or, young or old, Paula has a great ability to combine the art of dance and the technique of hospitality. I walked away from each module in complete awe of what I have learned. I could not believe how much I was able to soak in because of the way Paula facilitated. I was able to learn hands on what it would be like to be a dance facilitator. I never thought I could love dance more than I have in the past, but with this training I am now able to teach what I love to others in a safe and understanding environment. I can't thank Paula enough for what she has given me."
Samantha Elaine Sullivan, 19 years old
Attending the Evergreen State College.


"What a transformational training for me. Being what most people would call introverted, I thought this would be a really tough challenge for me. Instead I was gently lead to find my true self and share myself in the world. I was being lead to be in my body, trust my intuition and be whoever shows up. I also don't think that I have ever been in such a loving, trusting and accepting filled space. If roads have lead you to Paula the journey will be a grand adventure. This training has also given me the courage to start my own dance practice in Salem, Oregon. Instead of looking from the outside I will be teaching from the inside. Thank you Paula Byrne, SomaSpace and my Dance Tribe."
Laura Farner
Earthcore Dance Facilitator, Salem, Oregon

"Paula Byrne's MBS training gave me some structure to teaching conscious dance, which by nature is meant to feel very un-structured.
So in a way MBS training is like learning magic. I now have the skills and confidence to hold space and facilitate many types of classes. I draw from many "tools" taught by Paula. I would say the number one value that I got from the MBS class was empowerment to know that I can take all that I was taught and build it into what is authentic for me, then teach that, what ever that might be. Life changing!"
Jennifer Moore
Founder, JEM Raw Chocolates
Conscious Dance Facilitator, Bend Oregon

"I was moved to enter the MBS training to work on my leadership skills, not necessarily for leading dance, but to be a better leader in my business. I could never have imagined what I would come out of the training with was a deeper understanding of myself and my body movement and how wonderfully that related to my work as a business owner and veterinarian. The training gave me the confidence to move in my body and hold space for others to move. I can do that now, even in my day job and support my staff and clients with my new skills. I highly recommend the MBS training course for those wanting to lead dance and those wanting to support others in their work. The camaraderie of my fellow dancers and Paula’s mentorship were a precious support for me to be who I am today. Thank you Paula."
Kristin Sulis

"Paula's long expertise in creating a healthy space to place, grow and expand is very much in evidence in her Moving Body & Spirit intensive. I had very much enjoyed and benefited from her dance space at SomaSpace, but I didn't realize or appreciate the mechanics behind it, until I took her MBS intensive. No matter what you personally intend to create or lead, be it dance, meditation, counseling, etc, this course helps you create the container to hold it and to welcome others into that space, and to more deeply appreciate others who hold their own rich spaces open for you."
Sarah Saito
Licensed Massage Therapist

"I was moved to attend this program because I had done a lot of corporate facilitation in the past but had a sense there was a fundamentally different way to approach working with groups. What I came away with is a new way of paying attention in to what my Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit are telling me and then trusting this knowledge. All my group work now comes from considering what they crave, what could stretch them or take them in a new direction and then listening in to what my heart, body, mind and spirit tell me. I learned some of the practicalities of using light, sound, rhythm, my own energy, and climate to hold the space for a great group experience. I also experienced and have practiced the magic of doing all the prep and then simply allowing flexibility, grace and spirit to carry me through the moment as it arrives. Being part of a small but committed group of leaders from different backgrounds who were somehow destined to bring more sound and movement to the world, was a powerful experience. The love, respect and admiration I have for every member of my MBS tribe and for Paula Byrne, is a light that will glow in my heart forever."

Kim LaFever
Founder, Positive Disruption


"Paula, Thank you so much for the lovely DanceQuest yesterday. You have a beautiful way of holding space and creating a safe container, while showing up in a very authentic way. Each of those pieces separately are not always each to muster, so doing all of them together is certainly an amazing gift on your part that you have chosen to share with others. You are a bestower of grace to those who are blessed to be recipients of your gifts. Thank you. I look forward to the next offering I am able and called to attend, which I am thinking may be the upcoming trance dance!!   Much love and appreciation!!"  

Mia Nyschens



"The Moving Body & Spirit training has been an invaluable investment in my career and spiritual growth. In this course, Paula shares with us the “mystery behind her magic” -- practical tools she uses to artfully guide transformative movement experiences. Learning these was my original intention for taking the course.
But that is only the beginning.
Because of the way the course is designed, it is causing me to have an ongoing clarification of the body, mind, heart and spirit of my teaching as well as a direct confrontation and resolution of the fears, attachments and other darkness that has prevented me from moving forward with my dreams.
Moving Body & Spirit is a course that is providing the clarity and courage for me to put down what is not needed (and has prevented me from crossing thus far) so that I may walk more freely and lightly through that door.
Lastly, I have been profoundly amazed at the support I’ve received for my dreams and for who I am in this course – by Paula and the other attendees as well. This was something that I hadn’t anticipated but have enjoyed very much. Apparently it is true that any birth is not meant to be undertaken alone but is necessarily attended by the compassionate support of other persons. Thank you, Paula, for this opportunity to accept and know this for myself." 

ShaLene Howard



"The MBS Training is an incredible opportunity to navigate the many facets of teaching and facilitating creative movement. Paula provides a safe space to better understand group dynamics, how to truly hold a group in an authentic way, and facilitate in a conscious manner. I would highly recommend this training to anyone on the teacher's path, as well as the interest in personal transformation. The training is filled with rich material, in depth exercises, and held in a very intimate, encouraging manner."

Jennifer Alyse



"Paula shows us what it is to be more fully ourselves in company and in communion with others. She creates a community of safety, support, and respect, allowing us to be open and vulnerable with one another. An open invitation to face our fears stands strong throughout. Paula empowers individuals to decide just how close to get to meeting and greeting those monsters. More often than not, the monsters turn out to be wounded children hiding in closets. Those children are coaxed out of the darkness and invited to step out into the light of a warm, welcoming embrace."

Andrea McCullough

Licensed Massage Therapist


"I have so much appreciation for the great depth of presence and lovingkindness you bring. It is so pure and so good. ... Thank you for sharing so much, for all your skills in facilitating, for making each one of us feel seen and special. You are a gifted teacher, carried by your love of your work, respect for others, and love for the art of dance. This is truly priceless."

Rick Hobbs



"Being a MBS participant was quite literally, one of the most deeply moving and transformative workshops I've had the blessing of being in. Paula's warm, inviting and inspiring spirit pulses through her gorgeous studio, creating the most amazing luscious atmosphere and safe, sacred space. Within this nurturing container, my relationship with what "dance" means to me and the vision I hold for sharing this with others expanded. Deeply evoking and thought provoking, thanks to Paula's gentle nudging to explore and to define, the MBS program has helped me to ground my vision, with more confidence, skill and passion. I HIGHLY recommend the MBS program, Paula Byrne, and SomaSpace!! You dont want to miss this opportunity! Thank you Paula for sharing your gifts, your guidance, and so many awesome ideas that I have added to my "toolbox" as an aspiring teacher. I admire and so deeply appreciate you Paula, it was a joy sharing space and dancing together! THANK YOU!!"

Rebecca Bruhn



"I danced away with many valuable lessons during my MBS training. I gained insights simply by learning from the excellent example Paula sets as a facilitator, like watching her adapt her plan to what the group energy was needing in any given moment. I reached greater clarity about what my natural inclinations are and how I'd best like to use my gifts in the conscious movement facilitation realms. The MBS training also gave me a chance to practice speaking, leading, and moving in front the group, and I gained much more ease, confidence, trust, and creativity in myself as a foundational anchor and inspiration point from which I can lead from in my future endeavors. I am certainly pleased that I said, "Yes" to the opportunity to experience such a dynamic, varied course that seemed to stimulate deeper awareness on many layers of my being."

Meghan Quinn

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

Conscious Movement Facilitator, Eugene, Oregon


"I am ever grateful for your abilities and teaching to bring out the best in people.
It is an experience and joy that will stay with me my entire life."

Diane Golden


"I am so grateful that I decided to enroll in “Moving Body and Spirit”. It has confirmed for me, that as a dance facilitator I am on the right path. I feel more confident, inspired and capable of creating the classes and workshops I feel moved to create. I have several new tools to try out!

I am learning what it takes to create a safe space where participants are invited into their own creativity. I am learning how to use language to communicate to the body rather than the intellect. Through the training I have had the opportunity to try out some teaching. This has both helped to build my confidence and helped to recognize where I can improve.

I appreciate the format of learning through movement, discussion and action. This means LOTS of dancing! I leave weekends feeling lit up from the inside out - SO MUCH fun. I have no doubts that I will be facilitating in the future."

Anita Stryker

Voice & Movement Teacher


"Moving Body & Spirit appealed to me because I wanted to improve my facilitation of dance and movement. I hoped the training would have an impact on my work. It has greatly surpassed my expectations. I certainly received those things you would expect from a training like Moving Body & Spirit: learning tips and exercises for leading groups and dancers, practicing facilitation, and digging deep into my own dance practice and development.

Just like the dance is made up of so much more than a playlist and dancing, Moving Body & Spirit is also so much richer in content and significant in impact.

What do I now know deep in my body, heart, mind and spirit? What will I remember as I stand before a group of people who have come together to dance?
Lead with the heart.
Trust the body.
Hold the space lightly and gently as grace will run the show.
Prepare, invite, and be open to and accepting of the unfolding of the dance.

As I move into my second year of dance facilitation, I am excited for what is to come and grateful for the knowledge Paula has shared. Working with her has brought more confidence and joy into my life and dancing. Attending Moving Body & Spirit has given me a great gift: As I prepare for facilitating, I am relaxed, at ease, and ready to enjoy the process. I know I can simply offer up and invitation and let The Dance lead where it may."
Denise Lofman,

Facilitator, Beach Dance Oregon


"To Paula:
I joined the Conscious Dance Leadership program feeling anxious and scared to try something really new and different for me, but certain that I wanted to take myself on a journey to some unexpected places, and certain that re-connecting with movement and my body and dance was how I wanted to get there. Your program expanded my sense of understanding of what is possible in myself, in others, and in the world. It brought connection and creativity back into my life. And I walked away with a completely new vision for how I can bring my own personal love of movement and dance back to nourish my own life, as a gift to my friends and those I love, and as a professional.

My mind was kind of boggled by how gifted you are as a facilitator and teacher and I want to thank you for all of the ways that you taught to me, and gave to me, as an individual. Giving me just what I needed, when I needed it, when I was ready. This was one of my biggest learnings from the program, in addition to everything (!) that you downloaded around catalyzing movement. I really experienced very deeply what it looks like to see and know who's in a group and to tailor something so beautifully for each person in the room, and to the group. That is a deep learning I will definitely be nurturing and taking forward with me.

Words can not express the gratitude I feel for all that you did for me, for each of us as individuals, and for us as a group. Let me just say that I hope to honor your generosity and teachings by continuing to learn, and by bringing what you taught me into the world, and to others.
With deep gratitude,"
Tiffany Purn

Community and Creative Arts Facilitator





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