10:30 am PT




Release any notion of what dance looks like
Reclaim your natural, authentic movement
Calm your mind and awaken your body


Wild Grace™ is ecstatic dance that invites exploration of movement that "feels good" rather than "looks good".

Through a blend of music and silence, movement and stillness, we transform the everyday dance into a journey of self-discovery.


Paula's inspiring facilitation creates a safe, playful container to deepen body awareness, expand your movement vocabulary and
connect to the pleasure of moving your body from the inside out.


Come! – Discover the sweet spot where the wildness of Soul and the grace of Spirit unite.


Whether you dance every day, or haven't danced in years -- join us. Whether you love dance or fear dance -- join us.


All levels of movement experience and abilities are welcome.



10:30 am PT


$20 - $12, drop-in


Online in the Zoom Room

Email Living (-@-) WildGrace (.) us for registration/link




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